Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Perhaps the Cutest Building Ever

Here are some not-very-good photos of the Royal Baking Company building and storefront (plus an anonymous beautiful lady!) on Mission between Persia and Russia. I don't know anything about this building, but I'm guessing it was built around the 30's, and it is beyond adorable. They make their own bread and have a little bakery where you can buy rolls shaped like turtles and coffee, and are a relic from when the Excelsior was a predominantly Italian neighborhood. (More on that later!) There are lots of old businesses in the Excelsior, aka the neighborhood that time/the rest of the city forgot.
  • Below is a better image I stole from flickr of the building before its recent paint job. Anyway, I hope the Royal Baking Co. is protected, because it's super unique and beautiful. I wonder what it looks like inside? Old deco tile? A girl can dream!

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