Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twin Peaks Properties

Now that Streetlight Records is closed (along with a lifetime of angsty teenage memories of buying CDs that CHANGED MY LIFE), there is no reason to go to Noe Valley (except to visit the city's best consignment store, Mary's Exchange!!!!); all the little neighborhood-y things that made it semi-charming get more and more swept away by dog pedicure places and $18,000 custom bike-eries very day. However, despite the death of the owner, realty office Twin Peaks Properties and its idiosyncratic window displays are still there. Noe Valley is obviously politically liberal (in a "I paid a million dollars for my two bedroom home to live here but I am just middle class and not, like fancy or anything,"/Gavin Newsom type way) and owner Harry Aleo was a real holdover from the area's working class roots, what with his pro-Reagan propaganda and "English Spoken Here" signs and whatnot.

While I don't agree with his views, I appreciate the effort he put into making these windows and the way he used them to further his own viewpoint and celebrate San Franciso's history- you can see old property prices, a Tonga Room menu, a 30's era photo showing a movie theater with a "NOE" marquee, and so much more. It's sad to think of this storefront being replaced. Also, check out the adorable old-school Noe Valley Merchant Assoosication logo! Way cuter than the new round one seen to the lower right.

PS: The Peaks Tavern, home to perhaps the best bar sign in the city, is another old school Noe Valley holdout at odds with the rest of the ultra-yuppie neighborhood. While I can't say I find the drunk 49-ers hatted men leering at me outside the bar at 4pm all that charming, it's certainly preferable to whatever it could turn into, like a wine bar or something. Anyway, I forgot to take photos of that. Also, remember oxygen bars? Hahahaha.

PPs; I stole this photo of The Peak's sign off flickr: It's a Tyrolean dog! Or something!


John said...

You like Harry, you'll love the movie about him:

Great post.


Mary said...

I wasn't aware there was a movie. Thanks for the link!