Saturday, January 19, 2013

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor

Here we are on 24th St., on the eastern end near Potrero, at the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, named after President Roosevelt. 

Here is Teddy himself. So cute! And 2013, whoa. The inside of the restaurant is charming, recently restored and painted. Cozy, well-decorated, and cheap, what more can you ask for? Though the Roosevelt has changed hands throughout its history, the current owners have done a good job with the place. 

Here are the chips, they are light as fried air. Salsa is good too, a bit smoky.

Classy presentation on the guacamole. Totally worth $6 because it is really good. Refreshing and limey.

Chicken enchilada in mole sauce. This is our food blogger shot. Mole was delicious, and it's a big serving for the price... about $9? You get a lot of chicken. In New York, most "Mexican" restaurants automatically give you soupy black beans. So glad to be back in the Sco, where the beans are refried pinto as they should be. Don't even get me started on what New Yorkers seem to think Mexican food is! Okay, I'll give you a hint: it often involves spinach, yogurt, whole wheat tortillas and every meat smothered in chipotle sauce.

Awwww, here's Daniel with his house special round tamale in "gravy" and matching sweater! You can also sort of see the cute restaurant here. 

Anyway, you should go here. It's a lovely dining experience with classic Mexican/Mexican-American food, really good service, cheap prices, and a very pleasant atmosphere. Plus it is an institution, unlike many of the places that have been popping up on the rapidly gentrifying but still great corridor of 24th Street.

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor
2817 24th St  San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-2600

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