Sunday, January 27, 2013



Usually, whenever something is described as a "tapas cafe", it's code for "huge rip-off", but not here, my friends! Tselogs is in Daly City, not far from the Excelsior, where I'm from. It seems to be a very popular restaurant, serving inexpensive Filipino food. Daly City is home to a large population of Filipino, or Pinoy people, so expect some more Daly City food posts in the future!

They have little set-ups of antiques and stuff in here. Not that you can really see them in this photo, but trust me, they're there. Even though it's a casual restaurant, the owners have put thought into the decor.

I ordered the minced chicken, $5.99. It comes with delicious rice topped with fried garlic and an egg.

The chicken was all chopped up with scallions and garlic, served with a lemon wedge on a sizzling skillet. The chicken pieces cooked inside, browning the meat and adding a crispy crust. This was a delicious mix of sour and savory flavors!

Here I am squeezing the lemon onto my dish, with Dan's BBQ pork in the background.

This is also served with egg and fried rice, and also very cheap! We also got coffee, it was good as well.

6055 Mission St, Daly City, CA 94014
(415) 337-4670

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Simone said...

I am jealous and I want to go to here. Mmm Philipino food.
Maybe I can do some research on yummy food in San Jose since jen and i are gonna be there installing her art for a few days... do you know anything about food down there?