Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yay, the Chick-N-Coop! There are several Chick-N-Coop style restaurants in the Yay Area, not sure if they are related or not. There is definitely one on Mission in Daly City. Chick-N-Coop specializes in roast chicken and rotisserie meats, and is a popular lunch spot, with a lot of regulars who eat here every day. I would describe it as "hella Excelsior", cause you see all sorts of local people eating here.

Here I am looking like hell in front of the darling retro signage. Damn, my hair looks like a broom. I've got to start stepping it up for these LSF photo shoots, am I right? Anyway, Dan and I were here for the lunch special, which includes sandwich, salad, and coffee or tea for $7.99.

You slide your tray along, cafeteria style; all meats are carved to order, they really are the star of the show. No pre-sliced deli meats here!

Behind the counter looks totally awesome. As you can see, they offer roast chicken, roast beef, turkey pastrami, ham and corned beef, and you can get a dinner or a sandwich. They also have spaghetti, hamburger steak, and other classic entrees. Getting a roast chicken from here is a great take-out option for dinner!

The interior. It's very clean and well-maintained. 

And here is the sandwich, turkey on a roll. We split it because we weren't that hungry, but it's really big. Made to order with delicious real roast turkey on a fresh roll with mayo and iceburg (what is it with all the iceburg snobs anyway, you'd think with all this "elevating" of "lowbrow" food these days, people would realize how delicious and crunchy iceburg really is) mustard, and tomato.

It's hard to find a real meat sandwich these days, and to think you could go into that stinking pit Subway for some nasty-ass turkey loaf on frozen bread for the same price!

We got bean salad as the side. The sides here do tend to be cafeteria food-esque: instant mashed potatoes, jello pudding, and so forth. As stated earlier, the shining star is the delicious meats, but who doesn't find comfort in brown gravy or beet salad, served on an aqua tray?

Anyway, I have been going to Chick-N-Coop since I was a young girl, and, like the interior, the quality and value has not changed. It is an excellent lunch option and oh so Little San Francisco!

4500 Mission St
(between Excelsior Ave & Harrington St) San FranciscoCA 94112

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Unknown said...

I grew up just up the street. I hear just as cable car burgers closed its doors.not to reopen because of the quality of the food. Well so did the chick n coop. The owner as I was told by my Grandma of86 years old . He just got tired. They also had one on travel st and top of the hill Daly city