Monday, October 19, 2009

Stow Lake = Darling!!!

When I was a kid, I lived in the Duboce Triangle and the Richmond, so I spent a lot of time in Golden Gate Park- which truly has everything. And one of my fondest memories is going to the picturesque Stow Lake with my parents, eating a bar of pink popcorn and/or It's It, drinking an Icee (blue or red flavor!), and renting a boat, which I thought was like totally a real adventure on the High Seas.

Recently, I returned to Stow Lake to rent a row boat on one of the few warm days we have, and my god it was charming! So 1950's and cute! Anyway, it was one of those old-fashioned, leisurely type of Day-In-The-Park activities I feel human beings could use more of. Like I should have been wearing a boater hat and reading Wind In the Willows alo. You know, something queer like that. Anyway, Simone, if you are reading this: we should totally do a photo shoot here!


Simone said...

Aw you brought patty along too!
man, i never noticed how cute that fucking snack stand is. pink popcorn FTW!!!!

Yes, we must do a photoshoot there. MUST MUST MUST.

Lecon de vetement said...

This kills me, how does this exist!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!