Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mary's Musings: Incomplete SF Edition

Since I never post for real, I hope it's okay I do a rambling post about....the New Musuem of Natural Sciences!

This musuem was the BEST kid's/science museum ever. It had halls filled with 1950s style taxidermied scenes of African animals (who can forget the dik-dik? I cannot), an earthquake simulator that you could stand on and get knocked off of that was meant to show us how the 1906 quake felt, an alligator pit, and a Damian Hirst-like entire Great White Shark encased in ice. Seriously! That was crazy! It always smelled like fish around the shark.

Anyway, they have revamped this museum and made it "green" with a $25 admission fee and whatnot so I hope they didn't RUIN it.
Here are some upcoming posts we want to do but are too lazy:

-Local TV personalities such as the ever-classy Dennis Richmond, Terilyn Joe of the large hair and mercurial personality, and, you know, Elaine Corral or something.

-The amazing rooftop Christmas carnival that used to be held on top of the Emporium department store when we were kids.

-SF landmarks like Tonga Room, Starlight Room, and House of Prime Rib

-Hey, whatever happened to those twins?

-Playland at the Beach, the Sutro Baths, and the old Musee Mechanique

-Fairyland and the early 90's-era Great America

-A San Francisco World's Fair post in which I share some of my personal memorabilia


Simone said...

It's the Academy of Sciences! Not the natural sciences museum! Don't get it twisted!

M said...

whatever! you know i know what it is!!!

Em said...

You guys finally updated this one!

Phwoar! Dennis Richmond is foxy. Speaking of hot local newscasters, back in the day there was this KFRC deejay who was obsessed with ABC 7's Dan Noyes and professed her burning desire for him on-air often.

I have some pics from SF in the recent sunshine and this pepto-bismol colored house in the Sunset if you'd like me to send them to you guys to post.

Please also do a post on the Forbidden City. And old jazz clubs.

Verhext said...

Hmm, I haven't seen the twins around since I lived downtown in 1999. Sad!

Lecon de vetement said...

i see thoes twins all the time unfortunately!! Their makeup up close scares the hell out of me. They life in Nob Hill where I live, they are at uncle vitos every tuesday night