Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some Pretty Pictures

Apparently we are the worst at updating this blog. It would probably be easier if either of us actually LIVED in SF right now, but oh well. Here be some lovely photos of random stuff in San Francisco to enjoy:

The Dance Party Laundromat on the corner of Mission and Ocean. (Not really a dance party).

Ye Olde California Savings Bank sign on Mission & 16th.

Cute Art Deco Building somewhere downtown - Sutter Street maybe?

Postwar stucco houses on the North Side of Bernal Hill.

View of the Backs of some houses from a pedestrian overpass near the Glen Park Bart Station.

Twin Peaks & Sutro Tower from... Noe Valley, I think.

The Strand, and old theater on Market Street that has been empty forever.

Old Tile Storefronts on Market Street.

A really cute building and storefront in Chinatown.

More to come, I swear. Like, actual entries that I sorta did research on and stuff. For serious!

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